A Simplified Beat Making Software


Far from those numerous companies who have presented their beat making software as a freebie, here is the most simplified and versatile version of it. Your passion for rhythm must be fulfilled by way of a beat maker program that is adept in all aspects, and is a perfect amalgamation of music and software application. We have realized this many years ago and therefore, the software beat maker we have presented you is the outcome of extensive study and trial and error. So what you now have is a complete application – ready to plug and play!

Not just another beat maker program; it has got much more.

Tired of those worn out online devices with lousy sounds, limited options and short of customization? Looking to your foresightedness in music and love for futuristic compositions, you quite naturally want a device geared up to meet potential expectations. Here is a glimpse of what's in this beat making software for you:

  • Limitless beats without any hindrance.
  • Compatible with mp3 and 44.1 k WAV.
  • An unending range of high-def sounds.
  • Programmable drum pads.
  • Astounding 4 octave piano keyboard allied.
  • Share beats with Facebook friends at a single click.
  • Enhanced accessibility with PC/MAC devices.
  • No limit to online storage.

But in addition to the techie attributes, the music lover in you wants a software beat maker that produces melodies and beats in their right spirit, just as you want them to evolve. This is why we have included a range of vivacious guitars and striking drum beats and helped you tap the complete musical potential you possess. Whether you want a Rock guitar composition to be accompanied by Steel drum beats and Snares, or are looking to jazz up your Bass guitar melody with ecstatic Kicks, your arrangement will never go wrong with the perfection of this beat maker program.

Embraced with more than one hundred string sounds to chose from and 9 astounding beat sections, you are sure to emerge as the music pro when you have this beat making software.

No matter what the level of your acquaintance; all it wants from you is a musical heart, a beat crazy brain, and mouse friendly fingers! Such an amazing operational is impossible to find elsewhere.

And the best part is, you can own this software beat maker at an unbeatable price! All said and done, you can conclude with the fact that if there is a right time to showcase your musical talent, it is now!