Drum Machine Online for the
Next Gen Musician

We take pride in dedicating our state-of-the-art beat production machine to every rhythm-obsessed music fanatic out there! This work is a blended outcome of music and computer application masters, and is probably the most innovative drum machine online to help you trigger pulsating beats and melodic songs with amazing ease sounds harmonious isn't it? Well then, here is your chance to join that elite group of musicians who famed overnight producing studio quality tracks at some clicks of their mouse!

Recreate history with the magic of strings, but this time on a distinct device. Our Sonic producer V2.0 with the whole gamut of guitars, whether you want to flare up your tunes on the Rock or want it to play on Bass. Come what may your instrumental mastery, you will love to go on to experiment with hundreds of other string choices.

So it is with drums. Your thirst for percussion will not insatiate any more as the drum machine online comprises of 9 thumping categories each one oozing with ecstasy! Right from Snares to Timbales and from Steel drums to Kicks, they are styled up to adequately customize your compositions. This accompaniment is simply matchless to synch well with every melody you produce.

Look no further now because you have the best drum machine around by way of an app that is totally geared up for next gen musicians. A whole range of attributes comes promised with it, which you must look at:

  • Limitless beats without any hindrance.
  • Compatible with mp3 and 44.1 k WAV.
  • An unending range of high-def sounds.
  • Programmable drum pads.
  • Astounding 4 octave piano keyboard allied.
  • Share beats with Facebook friends at a single click.
  • Enhanced accessibility with PC/MAC devices.
  • No limit to online storage.

And besides all this, you get a lifetime membership along with a 60-day money back guarantee. Nevertheless, the best drum machine you always wanted to play.

What's more; this device is identically user-friendly for seasoned to aspiring musicians. All it requires is an individual who knows how to use mouse!

Coupled with an unbelievable package, we have facilitated your purchase of this extraordinary drum machine online.